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    We can finally play some live shows and present our newest EP.

    First dates are out, more to follow.

    Stay tuned!

    Future Relic, February 22th 2022

  • Upcoming Concerts

    14. May Basel ZumEck
    20. JUNe Dübendorf Stettbacher
    30. June Dottikon Sounds of Garden
    1. July Zofingen Kinderfest
    23. July Aarburg Sommerburg Festival
    13. August Arlesheim Pooljam
    19. August Zofingen Oxil
    27. November Aarau tba
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  • About Us

    On a cold October afternoon two young gentlemen met in the local school building for a rather spontaneous jam session. The founding of “Future Relic” was as unspectacular as it could have been and could have just as likely not have happened. There was no musical destiny but absolute coincidence.

    The only thing we know for sure is, that it was definitely no mistake. Ever since, things have changed rapidly. After the band found itself a drummer they competed with several other groups in the BandX Aargau 2015 contest. Somehow they reached the final without even having played more than a couple concerts. It was a even bigger surprise when they managed to win the competition. The success acted as a welcome acknowledgement of their work and motivated them to continue their efforts, work out a complete set, design a website and play more and more concerts. After a while they have almost arrived in a daily band routine.
    Along with weekly practice sessions the band is constantly craving for more opportunities to gather experience and present themselves.


    Our Music

    The basic musical idea originated from an earlier project of the two singers Danilo and Timothy who used to write their own songs and play as a duo for several years. Taking on a more alternative style the two young musicians decided that they could not realize all of their concepts without getting support. With the help of a drummer and a bass player the quartet began to rewrite songs and compose new ones as well. The lyrics, the bass line and the arrangements, everything they play has been written by themselves (and if not then it’s a cover). The emphasis lies on catchy guitar riffs and hopefully inspiring song texts. 

    Amando Ammann, Bass

    Amando Ammann

    Amando plays the bass and sometimes the piano or the saxophone or whichever instrument he can basically get his hands on. He is a multi-instrumentalist and in some cases an autodidact who loves to experiment and keeps on learning. He listens mostly to jazz and funk and tries to implement jazzy, funky excerpts into the songs. In addition he is the contact person for bureaucratic and administrative issues (everything the others don’t want to handle).

    Dan Hunziker, Guitar and Vocals

    Dan Hunziker
    Vocals and Guitar

    Dan is a real guitar virtuoso just like some of his great idols. With his unmatched feel for his soli he adds another layer of depth to the musical structure of the band. Furthermore he is willing to drive the band's equipment, a real asset. We are happy, that he is a part of the band since March 2018 and witnessed highlights such as the Heitere Open Air with us.

    Danilo Cera
    Vocals and Guitar

    Every band rehearsal has to start with an approximate delay of ten minutes due to a person we don’t want to name in this paragraph. Okay, most of the time we can blame it on Danilo. Don’t worry we never hold it against him. During the breaks he loves to play rock’n’roll riffs; from Led Zeppelin to Chuck Berry and Lenny Kravitz. The latter has influenced him the most in his writing and playing style. His solos remind of certain Dire Straits originals. 

    Andri Hunziker, Drums

    Andri Hunziker

    The bands quietest member has to be Andri but on his drum he can be the loudest. Moreover he shows everyone who cares how exhausting playing the drums can be. With driving beats and imaginative fill-ins on his drum set or the cajon in combination with a tambourine he is a safe backing and never skips a beat.

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    Future Relic - BARRICADES [official video]

  • Heitere Open Air 2018

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